Tuesday, August 23, 2016

 Life has shown me that we have an impact~
our feelings, our thoughts, our actions, we affect the world around us and our greatest effect is on our children.


This blog will continue to be a documentation of our family adventures ~ 
Our digital life scrapbook for the world to see.

A gift from our family to you.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Memories of youthfull innocence

When I was a child, my grandfather would tell me stories of his childhood years.

Fishing , swimming, and farming.

I would often wish to go on these adventures with him, but unfortunately often I was told we could not.

Often the reason these places had become too overly polluted, or something had been built there.

I remember the feelings of sadness, and how it was impossible to enjoy the same freedoms and natural luxuries our grandparents once did.

This also became my biggest inspiration for caring so deeply about the well being of our land.
I wanted special adventures to still be there some day for my kids...

But I often wonder in these days how we could ever allow tyrants to create laws that confuse "terrorists" with humans who simply want to protect the health and well being of their people...
This is a flat out lie, if anyone is a terrorist it is the ones causing pollution and destruction to our people and land.

I along with many others refuse to be played by this kind game and stand united against this type of corruption as we work to restore and heal our world.

As a mother I have more of a reason then ever to stand firmly where I once did as a child on conserving our land, and protecting our animals and their habitats.

We are friends not enemy ~ we environmentalists come in peace.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

~ Interactive Education ~

"I am in shock.. how old is he?"
I have been asked many times from random strangers who have observed our 2 (now nearly 3) year olds spelling abilities.

My husband and I have been educating our children through various fun activities tailored to their personal preferences. Some of these many activities have been exploring together some preschool aps, educational videos, and interactive songs and drawing.

I often see studies discussion parents who use media as a distraction to keep them quiet it can harm a child's development.However I wish to share that with proper application / guided use these things can help teach our children more effectively then our current school system.
(Since the internet is really addicting using it regularly with the kiddos is an oppertunity to excercize self control)


I believe parents were designed go be the original educators of their children.

The lifestyle of our time makes this difficult for many people.
As a side effect it is our children who suffer in their development and perception of reality.

Our current world is designed to create workers, not educated humans equally.
So people are often forced to choose between living neccessities or involvement in their childrens lives.

I planned to wait until my children were old enough to demonstrate their knowledge before speaking about it~ but truthfully so far It has been astounding hearing peoples comments.


We followed our inner knowledge from our own childhood memories to reflect how we function and tailored this to our childrens specific preferred ways of learning.

~As kids we all deeply desire to learn and understand our world ~
I believe that every child is a genius, and that behavioral problems are oten the side effects of missing life expiriences.

I Invite all to join us on our adventure.
(Also hope to network with other parents along the way!)

Over the next little while we will collectively observe what happens when we shift our focus from endlessly racing to keep up with our bills to better preparing our children for life?

[Family photo drawn by: MBIllustrations/Cartoons]

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Grateful~ Equality parenting

As I sit here with the ability to update all my blogs, while my kids are being entertained by their father.  I am so grateful for a partner who is willing to meet the societal norm halfway.

For thousand of years~ Women were the primary caretaker of the children.

Today we live in a time where both parents normally need to work a job to keep things going.

For my partner and I , we tried that and it almost tore us apart....

Before becoming parents, we were always together. Work, sleep, adventure.

For almost two years we had to be separated on completely different schedules~ Financial struggles from our past financial problems kept being another weight on the relationship.

But recently I have rediscovered an alternative to working a job for some one else.

Because of the internet, and its infinite potential~ We now have a playground of self employment opportunities. 

So I've been setting up a non-profit group~ dedicated to informing people.

In this case: The Cosmic Soup Project Where I'm hoping all my talented friends and family will learn how to employ themselves~ And enjoy some extra streams of income at the very least for doing what it is they love.

My husband has equally been  participating with his skills: Cooking, Woodworking and are hoping to have some fun themed get together with friends.

For now~ We're learning all about this equality and self governance stuff.

I am grateful to have a partner who is willing to learn and understand.

For all the men out there who do just as much work~ Thank you!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

fine lines

I've been drawing art for many years~ but now It feels useful.

Its all about photography of memories. It fits in perfectly with gaming, and parenting.

In truth it merges both worlds amazingly.

I am hoping I won't have issues with copyright due to fan art~ Truth is if I purchase a toy for my child do then I own the copyright to make an image with the memories I have purchased?

Copyright is far too touchy ~

So I will avoid it as much as I possibly can.

Today my son fell in love with my crystals. He began to move them, count them, name the colours all while tapping is drum. (or we pretended later it was his plush pikachu drumming)

Miiverse username: Keirani

Truth be told I love drawing memories~ Hoping the kids will love them too growing up.

Disclaimer: I do not own pikachu and it is a regestered Trademark of Pokemon.

Moving from Wordpress

Due to complications with not being able to really personalize my wordpress account or add adsense I'm moving the family  blog over here.

~ Setting up but will be posting regularly soon!

Hopefully with a network of wonderful mommy blog's ~

Much love!